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Nondik gertu  Mountain Park, Alberta (Canada)

This is a vey nice, three day hike which traverses the Maligne Range at the Jasper National Park. In the first day we covered 12 km from the Maligne lake parking lot to the Snowball campsite (total ascent 600 m). The second day was the hardest, as we had to walk for 19 km through two passes: Big Shovel and the Notch (the highest point of the trail and 2600 m) before reaching Tekarra campsite. Finally the third day we covered 13 km descending to the Canyon Hostel and the Maligne Road where we took a bus back to Maligne Lake.

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  • argazkia icelander

    icelander 15-abr-2008

    This is a great trail. I visited the area and did some easy hiking around Maligne Lake but didn't know about this multi-day trail. I guess it is not recommended/allowed to do it by yourself alone, any recommendation regarding guides? (ok, I'm thinking in bears here :) Nice shots btw, and thanks for sharing!

  • argazkia icelander

    icelander 16-abr-2008

    Many thanks for the info! got your message although it appeared in a trip that I uploaded from a spanish site and wasn't mine :) I've drop it and am attaching your msg below: -- Actually we did the route by ourselves (we are two). There are campsites on the way (in fact those are the end of the first and second days), but you have to carry your own tent. The trail is easy to follow and we met other people travelling without guides. Regarding bears, we (unhappily) didn't see any, but all campsites have posts to hang your backpacks and keep your food away of them (and the tents). You can buy a map at Jasper tourist information center. They will inform you about the campsites (there are at least 1 or 2 more) and the bus. Please check the availability of the campsites (they have limited number of sites). Best regards, Jordi

  • argazkia Across Canada Trails

    Across Canada Trails 07-jul-2008

    Awesome post... thanks so much for sharing. Im thinking that this trail could be incorporated into the Across Canada Hiking trail, and make it part of the route network. ... not sure how it connects yet, as i dont have the backroads map book for it. Sam

  • astoker 09-oct-2008

    Fantastic trail and great track. I completed this hike exactly as you described it a number of years ago, I also remember seeing the marmots you posted as well. Thanks for posting.

  • argazkia Los tropezones (Jokin)

    Los tropezones (Jokin) 23-ago-2009

    Superb route. It may be that we do in the near future A greeting

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