• Photo de Irshalgad-Prabalmachi traverse
  • Photo de Irshalgad-Prabalmachi traverse
  • Photo de Irshalgad-Prabalmachi traverse
  • Photo de Irshalgad-Prabalmachi traverse
  • Photo de Irshalgad-Prabalmachi traverse
  • Photo de Irshalgad-Prabalmachi traverse

Durée  10 hours 2 minutes

Coordonnées 1780

Publié 23 octobre 2018

Recorded septembre 2017

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près de Chauk, Mahārāshtra (India)

A young lad from Irshalwadi, Sunil Pardi (Contact no- 8412824190), guided us through the section between Irshalwadi and southern Prabalmachi. Hiring a guide is essential if one plans to attempt this trek in monsoon as the trail gets obscured by dense overgrowth.

When: September ‘17
Where: Irshalgad, Panvel
Range: Matheran
Nearest railway station: Karjat (Central Railway) & Panvel (Harbour & Trans Harbour Railway)
Base Villages: Nanivali, Irshalwadi
Duration: 10 hours
Total Distance: Approximately 20 km
Best Time: Mid November to January

Difficulty: Monsoon- Tough; Winter- Moderate for experienced trekkers
Endurance: 4
Risk Factor: High in monsoon, Medium in winters.
To read more about these ratings, check out:

Food and Water: Multiple water cisterns can be found on both forts but carrying adequate water (> 3 litres) is advisable.

Route: Karjat- Chowk bus stop- Chowk railway station- Nanivali- Irshalwadi- Irshalgad Nedhe- Irshalwadi- (Irshal-Prabal) ridge- Prabalgad Maal (plateau) - Prabalmachi hamlets- Thakurwadi/Vardoli.

How to reach:
Board a train to Karjat (Central railway) or Panvel (Harbour/Trans-Harbour railway) and then proceed to Chowk by State Transport (ST) bus or TumTum.

This is a gruelling 20 km trek where one starts from Chowk railway station, climbs up to the base of Irshalgad pinnacle. This is followed by a descent to Irshalwadi by the same path before proceeding north to Prabalgad by a 2 km long connecting ridge. A tricky traverse over the Prabal Maal (plateau) leads one to the Poinje Naal, from where one can ascend Prabalgad via the route known as Poinje South trail (aka Chincholi Vaat) or continue west to reach the southern Prabalmachi hamlet and then continue to Vardoli or to Thakurwadi (by northern Prabalmachi hamlet).

NOTE: Utmost caution is advised in monsoon as strong winds lash the peak. Do NOT attempt to climb the peak without proper training and most importantly, without proper equipment.

Possible variations-

A. Ascend Prabalgad (fort) via Poinje (chincholi) trail that enters the fort midway between Ganesh Mandir and Kala buruj. Explore the fort and descend via the north gully (Bailshingechi vaat) to Northern prabalmachi. Note: In this case, a night halt at Prabalmachi will be necessary.
Note: The Poinje south trail had been wiped off by a mini landslide during our trek and another group who tried to climb Prabalgad via this route the very next day had to turn back due to the same reason. Video of their trek:

B. Instead of traversing north from the Southern Prabalmachi, you can directly descend to Vardoli/Thakurwadi by a slightly steeper, shorter trail.

C. One can also add the climb to Kalavantin durg from northern Prabalmachi if attempting the trek over two days.

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5 commentaires

  • Photo de Harshal

    Harshal 15 nov. 2018

    Is it doable in a day? I mean is it possible with public transport..

  • Photo de nomadosauras

    nomadosauras 15 nov. 2018

    Hi Harshal,
    Yes, it's doable in a day with public transport. Since it was only two of us, we preferred travelling by ST bus (boarded a ST bus from Karjat at 8 am and reached Thakurwadi at 6 pm, on schedule to board the 6.30 pm bus to Panvel).
    However, we both are fairly seasoned trekkers and we also had Sunil to guide us through the sections where finding the trail would have been a time consuming task.
    Here's a blog I had referred to before the trek:

  • Photo de Harshal

    Harshal 15 nov. 2018

    Hey thank you so much for your quick response.. :) Will give it a try this weekend..!

  • Photo de Harshal

    Harshal 20 nov. 2018

    I have followed this trail  vérifié  View more

    Thank you for this trail.. Couldn't complete coz of slow pace of group members..But It helped me a lot.. Because of dense Vegetation it becomes difficult to locate the trail.. But still it helped me throughout the trek.. If possible please upload pics at difficult to locate points on the trail.. May not be accurate.. But it helps.. :)

  • Photo de nomadosauras

    nomadosauras 20 nov. 2018

    Glad it helped you! The trail was almost non existent when we went there so the pics wouldn't help much but I'll still add them as and when time permits.
    Cheers & keep exploring!

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