1 930 m
1 379 m
8,03 km

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près de Kamáres, Crete (Greece)

Climbing from Nida plateau toward the highest peak in Crete - Psiloritis (2456m). Due to leg injury hiked only half way up from Nida to Kolita (trail junction, 1930m) - about 600m climb, 3km (one way).
The first part of the trail goes through the Ideon cave - ancient place of workship, connected with the story of Zeus. After the cave its a steep climb on rocky trail with wonderful views of the green Nida plateau surrounded by mountains and filled with sheep and goats. At some point the trail bents and continues to climb with milder slope along a dry creek. Reaching the Kolita pass at 1930m is like reaching the end of the world: brown-gray rock all around, no plants or wildlife and just the sound of the strong wind blowing.
The trail is marked well, at least for the ascending direction.


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