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près de Kārli, Mahārāshtra (India)

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CAUTION: This route to Visapur is less frequented and therefore not very prominent. Considder doing this only if you are an experienced trekker or you have someone well versed with the area.

This is a 19 odd km long trek starting from Malavli station and going upto Bhaje caves via the paved road. From Bhaje caves, Return to the caves ticket counter and confirm the route with the person there. A faint trail starts from abig tree just above the ticket counter and zig zags up to the visapur fort plateau. Continue towards the fort and you 'll come across a small settlement. Proceed towards the trail going towards east. climb up a broken staircase to reach a Hanuman idol. Climb up into the fort to reach a water tank and other remains. Walk along the periphery of the fort and climb down via the gully at the southern end. Walk west wards along the muddy road and reach the khind between lohgad and visapur. The way to Lohgad is paved and the place is teeming with visitors. You shouldn't have a problem finding the route here. There are tempos available from Lohgad to descend to Malavli but are often overcrowded and not safe. We preferred to walk our way down to the station. This is a high endurance trek if attempted in a day and commuting by one's own vehicle would make it much easier.

Grade: Medium
Endurance: High
Risk Factor: Medium.

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