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Durée  4 hours 27 minutes

Coordonnées 12109

Uploaded 22 avril 2015

Recorded avril 2015

455 m
338 m
270,15 km

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près de Donkorona, Koulikoro Region (മാലി)

Welessébougou - Nampala

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  • Photo de GerardNL

    GerardNL 25 janv. 2019

    I'm happy to see people posting tracks on WikiLoc, but what is the purpose of the track? It seems to start somewhere random and ends somewhere else random. Is there a significant place on either side? It also seems to follow the (only) main road for most of the track. So why post this track? If it's just for your own reference, why not make it a private track. If you want other to follow it, why not add a description and some pictures. The purpose of WikiLoc is to share your routes so other may enjoy them too. I don't see any reason to follow your track in it's current state.

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