Durée  3 hours 27 minutes

Coordonnées 2770

Publié 25 mars 2014

Recorded mars 2014

53 m
-29 m
42,19 km

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près de Náfplio, Peloponnese (Greece)

Route of 1st Marathon race of Nafplio (2 rounds of 21,1k).

Great town and great race (maybe a little bit pitty to do same two rounds of 21k though...). It was the first marathon in Nafplio and organization was very good!

The route started from Andrea Singrou str, outside of town hall. Fisrt it followed the str down to the sea, left with Miaouli to the west and after 200m back east to later follow road by the coast for next 5k. Again turn around and back to the city with same road. In the city, following King Pavlos str, Thessalonikis str, Sidiras Merarchias until Asklipiou av. Following the avenue for next 3,5k until roundabout with road to Tolos. Then left with local road north-west for 2,3k and all the way back to the city with same roads. At the end of both rounds of 21k, from Asklipiou av. straight to Kiprou and 25th March and right to Andrea Singrou str for the finish.

The route was very flat with only one average climb at 11th and 32nd kilometer on Asklipiou av. The record from GPS is not accurate in terms of altitude!

I did a fair effort with 3:27:31 (chip time) which is a bit longer that I planned but still nice :-P Hope to get there next year as well...

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