16,89 km

Dénivelé positif

455 m

Difficulté technique


Dénivelé négatif

455 m

Altitude maxi

274 m



Altitude mini

190 m

Type d'itinéraire

En boucle


une heure 24 minutes




2 mai 2014


mai 2014
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274 m
190 m
16,89 km

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près de Dolina Łódki, Lódzkie (Rzeczpospolita Polska)

Run from my house to the city center.

NOTE: GPS accuracy in terms of elevation is not correct. Real elevation gain was 75m.

0,0k at 255m - Start from my house in Sikawa neighborhood, following Janosika and Sadecka str with downhill, until Pszczynska and Chmurna str to cross rail tracks of local train system in Lodz.

2,8k at 240m - Hospital on Czechoslowacka str. One of the biggest hospitals in Poland that is constantly under construction for over 40y! After passing through the hospital, trail follows Czechoslowacka str until park of 3rd of May.

4,1k at 230m - Park of 3rd of May. Very nice and old park in city center, next to rail tracks of mid-range train to Warsaw that is currently under contruction. After the park trail follows Kopcinskiego str until Pilsudskiego str (the main avenue in the center).

7,6k at 202m - Pilsudskiego str. Following bike path through the center until Piotrkowska str.

8,1k at 210m - Piotrkowska str - the main pedestrian street in Lodz, full of shops and restaurants. Trail quickly turns right with Schiller pass to the park of Henryk Sienkiewicz.

8,8k at 215m - Park of Henryk Sienkiewicz. Trail then turns north with Kilinskiego str to reach construction of brand new, under ground train station, Lodz Fabryczna.

9,7k at 210m - Lodz Fabryczna. After passing round the construction area, trail follows Narutowicza str passing Dabrowskiego place with Great Theatre of Lodz until Kopcinskiego str again and enters park of Matejko next to University of Lodz.

11,6k at 230m - Park of Matejko and University of Lodz. Some of departments of University have brand new and modern buildings (see photos of Management dept, Physics dept, Biology dept and Law). Trail passes through Matejko and Pomorska str to reach Palki avenue at roundabout of Solidarnosc with Cathedral.

12,4k at 235m - Palki avenue. Trail follows the avenue with bike route and very soon turns right into Telefoniczna str. After passing cementry on the left hand side and under the bridge of rail tracks, route passes next to tram HQ and later turns left into Zaspowa str. Later follows Zbojnicka str and Morskie Oko str, returns home.

Nice and relaxing run without major uphills nor downhills. Trail passes through some of major places in the center of Lodz: parks, streets, pedestrian areas and University. Level easy.



Park of 3rd of May


Pilsudskiego str


Piotrkowska str


Park of Sienkiewicz


New train station


The Great Theatre


Park of Matejko


University of Lodz


Roundabout of Solidarnosc


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