22 km

Dénivelé positif

605 m

Difficulté technique


Dénivelé négatif

563 m

Altitude maxi

279 m



Altitude mini

162 m

Type d'itinéraire

Aller simple


une heure 50 minutes




12 mai 2014


mai 2014
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279 m
162 m
22,0 km

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près de Bałuty, Lódzkie (Rzeczpospolita Polska)

Part trail (40%), part road (60%) run through Lagiewniki forest, north-east suburbs of Lodz, Dobieszkow forest until Sikawa neighborhood.

NOTE: GPS atlitude accuracy was low. Real elevation gain was +200m and loss -160m.

0,0k at 220m - Start from Lagiewnicka street next to rail bridge. Following bicycle route along the street until it's end at small bridge over spring next to the path entering forest.

0,8k at 210m - Entering the forest and following signposted bike paths until Arturowek lakes.

2,0k at 220m - Arturowek lakes. Nice recreation area for citizens of Lodz. Full of green, water and some facilities like bars, restaurants, playgrounds, boat rental. Passing the lakes in east direction until Wycieczkowa street.

3,2k at 260m - Wycieczkowa str. Passing local road and entering east part of the forest, continueing with forest paths (first wide and vissible, later more wild and narrow). Going in north-east direction until Okolna str and leaving Lagiewniki forest.

5,9k at 230m - Okolna str. Following asphalt road until Moskule str where turned left to follow the road until village Dobra-Nowiny.

8,5k at 230m - Right turn. Leaving local asphalt road into small and not well visible field path to find bigger dirt road later. Following dirt road all the way to Strykowska street (an exit road to A1/A2 highways crossing in Strykow).

10,0k at 195m - Strykowska str. After passing the road (with some major traffic already!), following local road through village Stary Imielnik until Dobieszkow.

13,2k at 170m - Dobieszkow (bridge and lake). In Dobieszkow, next to the lake, trail turns right through the bridge to enter forest with dirt road. Soon after trail turns again right into small forest path. Probably the best part of the run, most fun! I did some small mistake turning right at some point (marked with way point). This section goes for about 3k until concrete road in village Kalonka (Frezjowa str).

16,3k at 220m - Kalonka and Kopanka villages. Trail finds concrete and later asphalt road to enter Lodz with Marmurowa str.

20,9k at 250m - Marmurowa/Brzezinska crossing. Trail follows Marmurowa str all the way to Brzezinska str, crosses it and with local roads goes until my house in Sikawa.

I wanted to do this run a lot knowing Dobieszkow forest will be a lot of fun! I have gone there many times in the past with mountain bike and knew the place very well. In spring this place is even more wild than usual and I had to run through some dense bushes and clearing the way with my hands! Awesome section.
I mark it moderate as the distance was medium and no big difficulties on the way, nor big elevation gain.



Lagiewnicka str


Lagiewniki - east part


Right turn




Dobieszkow - lake


Wrong way


forest path


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