Temps en mouvement  une heure 4 minutes

Durée  une heure 8 minutes

Coordonnées 1659

Publié 7 mars 2020

Recorded mars 2020

28 m
7 m
9,81 km

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près de Kannyinbingyaung, Rangoon (Myanmar)

Thabarwa is a budist monastery close to Yangon, where volunteers come to meditate and to help people.

In this loop, we started running from Thabarwa Centre to Road 6, and we took it to the left. In the market, we took the main street, follow it to a dead end (where the train passes through), and took left. We continued on this street to the end again, and again we took the left option. At a point (we had to check it in the map), right and straight we arrived to the first street we took (the one on the market), so the way back is easy: you just have to undo the path.

This track is easy and flat, and 100% paved. There's traffic and at some point it gets difficult to run because of the vehicles.


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