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513 m
-11 m
68,62 km

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près de Inverlael, Scotland (United Kingdom)

Definitely worth breaking this long day into 2 or 3 stages if hiking.

You start on a double track forestry piste going up. You will follow it up until it disappears into trackless terrain. After the trackless terrain comes a narrow path along a gorge with a small stream beneath. From there you will walk to Loch am Daimh along a well maintained double track. You will cross an old Bridge and continue through a further well maintained double track alongside River Oykell. Note that at some point you´ll be turning right and take a forestry double track. This will take you to a Loch (Ailsh) and to Benmore Lodge. From there, you will be following at a distance the River Oykell...trough tracks that will appear and disappear. Eventually you will have a small climb up towards the pass. Just before reaching the pass be alert as there are a few drops on rocks and try to look for a path. The last 10 km follow a stream-river down to Inchnadamph. The trail is narrow and with a slight drop on the river bed so careful.

Around km 63.5 I have a small error as I stayed on the wrong side of the river and had to cross over. Look out for clearly delineated hiking paths and you maybe able to avoid it.

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