3,96 km

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324 m

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324 m

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310 m



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-1 m

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  • Photo de Mt Tibrogargan... That's one big Rock
  • Photo de Mt Tibrogargan... That's one big Rock
  • Photo de Mt Tibrogargan... That's one big Rock
  • Photo de Mt Tibrogargan... That's one big Rock
  • Photo de Mt Tibrogargan... That's one big Rock
  • Photo de Mt Tibrogargan... That's one big Rock


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3 octobre 2020


octobre 2020

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310 m
-1 m
3,96 km

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près de Glass House Mountains, Queensland (Australia)

YouTube video of this dash: https://youtu.be/IMk4Eik7BPE

Mt Tibro is a 364m high Rock which everyone sees and drives past when going to Australia Zoo or to Maleny.

People have perished on it, others have been rescued from it, and others climb up and down it ten times in a row... like two ladies we met today, simply amazing.

Don't attempt this mountain unless you have a good head for heights and can manage climbing at steep angles. Many have gotten stuck because they simply cannot manage getting back down, so be sure of what your capabilities are.

Apart from that, three of us ran to the mountain from the carpark, and tried to do a solid time going up. Took us 30mins to summit, and it's a heart kicker if pushing for time.

After about 500m from the carpark, you'll come to where the track starts going up over large loose and solid rocks. This is where you'll work up a sweat due to the large step climbs. You'll then come the actual base of the mountain where the rock face begins, and you'll need to climb the rock chimney. If you can manage this section, you should be OK to climb to the Summit, if not then forget it, it's not for you.

Climb up the rocky face trail which faces the West. There are multiple routes going up, pick the most manageable for you. Watch out for people above you coming down, they often kick out small rocks which will hit you in your noggin, and you will go "Ow!"

Once at the top, you will traverse from the West peak to the East peak facing Steve Irwin Way. Keep going until you come to a rocky Outlook which offers absolutely stunning views. Take it all in and enjoy....yes, God made it all. Deal with it.

Evidence of people sleeping the night on the peak and enjoying small fire pits. Would be cool but not if the weather would change through the night. Not wise.

Overall, this is an amazing rock to climb and highly recommended if capable. There are numerous other trails (you can ride your bike on these) around this area if interested, even one that will take you to Mt Beerwah nearby.


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