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près de Heveringen, Zuid-Holland (Nederland)

Beautiful trail along the dutch coast at Voorne-Putten. Only a short ride from the Rotterdam urban area. The first part has some views of the harbour industries at the Maasvlakte. The second part has nice rolling dunes and excellent single track running. Some parts may be wet, depending the season. The final part runs along a beautiful broad beach. With the prevailing winds blowing from the southwest, this part is best run from south to north. Parking and restaurant at the trailhead. Excellent run, enjoy!

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  • Photo de 2871Rob

    2871Rob 22 févr. 2016

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    Starting from the parking we first take a smell of the sea running eastwards towards the dam that closes off the "oostvoornse meer" from the tidal influence of the sea. We follow mainly the MTB trail for a while. Through the marshlands we cross the dijk to the village of Oostvoorne to quickly turn right into the forest. Winding trails take us through a beautiful scenery of dunes, forrest, along small ponds and lakes. There a quite a few small climbs but this makes the trail interesting. Parts of it are single track, some trails are wider and for a few stretches we follow a bike path.

    Due to the excessive rainfal in the preceding week we even had to wade some stretches through 20 cm deep water on the lowest parts of the trail

    After about 14km we end up behind Rockanje, where you could take a refreshment in the restaurant near the beach if you felt like it. We continued straight onto the beach to turn NW and then NE, chased by a 7Bft wind. Beautiful beach, completely empty.

    After 10km you see the landmark beach restaurant's tower on the same parking where you started. After 24km of trail running enjoy a nice coffee and applie pie or have lunch in the designer restaurant / café with sea view.

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    M4rtinB 9 janv. 2018

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    Geweldig mooie route over het strand en door de duinen van Oostvoorne.

    Deze route nu een paar keer gelopen en elke keer volop genieten. Het brede strand, het gevarieerde duin- en boslandschap, kortom: genieten. In de duinen op een paar paadjes ook flink wat water, dus voor de trailrunner helemaal mooi. De route is eenvoudig uit te breiden door een stuk strand van de Maasvlakte erbij te pakken of verder over het strand richting Rockanje te lopen.

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