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près de Schaapschoorbrug, Flanders (Belgique)

A solo day tour of no less than 39 km: I drop off my bike at the jetty at the end of Spaanshoflaan in Herentals, drive to the 18th century Retie water mill, put in, follow the course of Kleine Nete for a good 18 km down to Herentals, take out, and finally travel 21 km by bike back to the Retie water mill.

Although Kleine Nete is a popular paddling destination, there is hardly anyone on the water today. I therefore enjoy the flora and fauna of the green corridor that Kleine Nete flows through, and spot many kingfisher, wagtail, heron, and fish specimen. After a chilly morning, the sun warms the air, and in the afternoon, temperature rises to a good 20 °C.

Although Kleine Nete has a bit of a current, occasional low water and abundant plant life make it difficult to packraft long distances. As in addition, I also have to negotiate some head wind in the afternoon, 18 km of paddling is quite enough for one day.


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