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près de Milton (historical), California (United States)

Beautiful lake with interesting features. No fast boats creating wakes and not crowded. Up The Lake With A Paddle Volume 3 recommended for lots more info. The road does not require four wheel drive, and contrary to the warning sign, several people got fishing boat trailers to the far end of the lake. A high clearance vehicle (Pickup) makes navigating ruts and dodging larger rocks easier. The last 7 miles to the campground (last 5 miles to the lake) are the worst, signage is minimal and there are sections too narrow for two vehicles to pass. The campground at the upper end of the lake has a nice ramp with lots of parking and a restroom. It is also a good launching point because of a steady wind from the direction of the dams. The water level was high enough to climb onto the South dam from the kayak and see the spillway. I did not spot the Yellow Metal Mine and its stamp mill, and suggest preloading the location into your GPS which I neglected to do.


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