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près de Odeillo-Via, Languedoc-Roussillon (France)

Petita passejada circular al voltant del Forn Solar d'Odelló
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2 commentaires

  • Photo de Sérgio Lana

    Sérgio Lana 17 janv. 2016

    Hi Manel,

    We are from Brasil and we would like to do your trail with two kids of 7 and 4y. We are very used to do long trails in Brazillian Mountains with them. But, it wil be our first time in snow. We will reach Font-Romeu at the last weed of january.

    Do you have some advice for me?

    Thanks https://ca.wikiloc.com/rutes-a-peu/forn-dodello-1378886/photo-455848

  • Photo de Manel Borrell

    Manel Borrell 17 janv. 2016

    Hi Sergio, just I would like to comment that this is a perfect trail to do with kids and the only problem you could find is if the way is covered by snow and you don't have proper shoes. In addition note a couple of points:
    1)You can leave the car at the waypoint 'aparcament' instead of where the track starts because it is a proper parking
    2) When you arrived at the parking of the ‘Four Solaire d’Odeillo’, you can go back to the 'aparcament' directly through a nice (sign post) way instead of following the track
    Good luck! https://ca.wikiloc.com/rutes-a-peu/forn-dodello-1378886/photo-455848

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