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Temps en mouvement  une heure 15 minutes

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Publié 17 février 2018

Recorded février 2018

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près de Lassa, Bamako (മാലി)

17 fev 18

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    GerardNL 30 sept. 2018

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    I've done this trail today, but combined it with nearby trail "Lafiabougou". That way, it's a bit longer and has a nicer view over town.

    The start of the walk is quite easy and you get to see how people leave just outside Bamako, which is a bit different from the people below in the valley.

    At some parts of the hike, I made some pictures that could have easily been taken in Liberia or Central African Republic. I'm a bit surprised how similar the vegetation and the dirt looks. I did expect some bigger differences as those places are not that nearby.

    The people we've met along the way seemed all quite friendly and, although communication was a bit limited due to difference in languages, we felt completely safe and welcome.

    It was interesting to walk around the area and see what farmers are growing. It took us a while before we realised it were a lot of peanut plants. But we also saw beans, ocra and other vegetables along the way.

    We also enjoyed the high grass and were just missing the some big wild (vegetarian) animals that would have been completely not out of place.

    The track is not always very clear as it's sometimes quite overgrown or moved due to farming, but still easy enough to find as it's the only track around.

    There was one spot where we didn't find the track as indicated, so we had to do a little bush wacking to find the trail again. But this also have been due to the high grass.

    So, all and all, a very enjoyable hike, that I could recommend anyone to anyone. But do bring a hat, water etc etc as this could be a very hot walk.

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