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près de Baishizhou, Guangdong (China)

This track starts and ends at subway stations. Recorded in mid-March 2019.
There are other Wikilocs passing this oceanside park, attesting to its popularity as a nature retreat from the city.

The track follows oceanfront and forest walking paths. The hills of Hong Kong territory are visible across Shenzhen Bay. The park is a recognised wild bird sanctuary, with abundant seabirds and songbirds. Egrets were frequently seen. There are plenty of flowering bushes and trees, palm and mangrove thickets, and occasional flower gardens.
Metro Line 9, Shenzhen Bay Park Station, Exit C emerges on the south side of the main road, about 100 meters from the seaside promenade. There are plenty of Wechat-access bicycles parked here. However, they might not be released if the Wechat registration is not under a valid Chinese National ID. Also, if considering using a bicycle, be sure to check permitted bicycle dates and times in the park (there were some restrictions). There is also an inland park and recreational area, with food outlets, immediately north of this subway stop (see map view).
There are toilets in two locations near this waypoint. Nearby is a small lawn with flowering bushes (mid-March 2019) and a cross-path through the garden and forest.
On shore of Shenzhen Bay. Views of the western development of Shenzhen.
A common orange-flower tree (mid-March 2019).
At waypoint: two egrets seen in a small lagoon on landward side of the paths. The "Egret Slope" location is further to the west.
A large car park here. Lots of flower gardens in this area.
Along a middle forest path between the seaside promenade and the car-traffic road.
Snake warning sign beside a small forest path, at a dark jungle area. Perhaps the snake habitat is very restricted? Only one of these signs was seen along this Wikiloc.
A pedestrian underpass crosses beneath the main traffic street, providing the shortest access route to the next subway station. In (March 2019 there was major high-rise construction activity north of the traffic street. However, plenty of good quality local bird pictures were seen on the construction fencing. Another road underpass further to the west also provides access to the subway station.
Along a wide tree-lined avenue. In March 2019 there was a high-rise under construction on the east side of this Avenue.
The nearest subway station along this section of the Mangrove Seaside Park.


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