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près de Riverside, Montana (United States)

Excelsior Geyser and Grand Prismatic Spring are the main locations of thermal activity at this popular location.

The outstanding beauty can really be appreciated in satellite view. First we did a walk around in mid-afternoon. Then we returned and did the walk again in the early morning on a following day. This provided better light conditions for pictures and avoided large crowds and parking delays, particularly the bus groups moving through the narrow boardwalks.

the saved track combined two segments; the main boardwalk around the Geyser Basin, and a Southern forest walk to a lookout over the Grand Prismatic Spring. A short road segment links the two parking lots and is not part of the saved track.

The Track was recorded over two days in early June 2019 using the free Wikiloc off-line State map for Wyoming.
The track starts at the main bus and car parking area. Early arrival is a good idea; at that time the light is better for photography and there is no congestion on the bridge and boardwalks.
"The geyser is currently dormant but discharges 4,000 gallons per minute of boiling water into the Firehole River".
"In the 1880's Excelsior Geyser erupted in bursts 50 to 300 ft high. A 1988 eruption is shown in one of the attached photos. Violent eruptions caused the jagged crater. Eruptions ceased from 1890 to Sept 14, 1985 when 47 hours of major eruptions occurred."
Looking south from here there are great views of the steam cloud rising above Grand Prismatic Spring.
At 200 ft (61 m) across, Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest and one of the most colorful of Yellowstone's hot springs. It's water is 160 deg F (70 deg C). It discharges almost 500 gallons a minute into the Firehole River.
Opal Spring and other thermal activities in this area.
It is worthwhile to stop at the next parking lot to the south of Excelsior and climb a gently forest path to the Great Prismatic Spring viewpoint. This way-point is at the car park for this southern track segment.
Antique single vehicle bridge.
This viewpoint is an easy climb from the bridge, and is well worth the effort, with a panoramic view of the Grand Prismatic Spring. Its a light gravel forest path with no boardwalks.
This is the third largest pool at the site.
Additional photos captured on on a second visit two days later.


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