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près de Muxuyuan, Jiangsu (China)

Nanjing Museum entry is free with an original valid Chinese ID or foreign Passport. There are displays of art and artifacts from each of the principle Dynasties of China, most of which had their headquarters at Nanjing. The museum is said to be the second largest of its kind in China.

There is a section of the original Ming Dynasty city wall within walking distance of the Museum, with access inside the wall and for several kilometers along on top, open as far as a restricted WWII breached section. There are good views of Purple Mountain and a lake park from on top of the wall.

Part of this walk follows canals, the other part passes narrow traditional shopping streets with simple food, a pure local environment where getting lunch may require some vocabulary and cultural skill, or a Mandarin speaking guide.


Nearest exit to Nanjing Museum at Metro Line 2 or 10, Yuantong Station, exit #2

Walk towards Museum

Waypoint is at the canal crossing. The walk from the subway passes the "Taiwan party old office" (The former Nationalist Government Headquarters). Madame Chiang, wife of the Nationalist Chinese Leader, favoured a special kind of tree and had them planted all along this avenue.

Museum Entrance

Open year round for free. Must qualify for admission at the Services Centre with a valid Chinese ID or foreign passport, and pick up an entry ticket. Service center is the first building to the left after entering the Museum grounds. Museum Hours: Mondays 9-12, no entrance after 11. Tuesday to Sunday 9 to 5, no entrance after 4.
Point d'information

Service Center

pick up entry ticket in the Service Centre, the first building on left after entering the Museum grounds.

Museum Grounds

There are plenty of relaxing places to sit in the museum grounds.

Main display area, Chinese Dynasties

Of the many principle dynasties of China, almost all had their capital at Nanjing. However Tang (a favourite representing a prosperous period when Buddhism flourished and China was recognised internationally as a great power) had their capital at Xian.

WC, along Canals

This section of the track is along ordinary city streets; the west side along the canal is most interesting. The waypoint is at the public toilets (WC), which are clean and well serviced.

Market Area

Indoor and outdoor produce markets in this area.

commercial, restaurant area

Small shops and local restaurants with outdoor tables, street food and bakeries.

Ming Wall Entrance

There is a small park beside the wall and entrance gate. At ticket kiosk a 15 RMB entrance fee might be payable. Hours are 8:30 to 18:00. An information poster on site discloses that: "visitors can walk through fort #35 of the Battle of Nanjing against the Japan invading army during the Republic of China period to reach the top of the Ming Dynasty City Wall. Half of the Ming flagpole stone (one of two pieces) is preserved on the wall above this fort."

small park

A small greenbelt between the road and the entrance to the Ming Wall.

Top of the Ming Wall

Visited on Sunday, March 10, 2019, surprisingly there were no other visitors at that time, except a few military walking to a restricted wall section further east.

Views from the top of the Wall

Good views to the West over the lake at the foot of Purple Mountain. A plumb blossom festival is on near here at this time of year.

End of Public Access

There is a gate at this waypoint, separating the public area from a restricted military use area; this is a breach section of the infamous WW2 occupation.

Residential Streets

It was not clear what period of New China these faded murals date back to.

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