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près de Melilla, Melilla (España)

Friends overland through Morocco starting in Nador, doing the Rekkam, had to shorten this due to heavy rain causing the track impossible to proceed due to the amount of mud (in a matter of minutes), the Talsint, Merzouga, Zagora, Nkob, Dades, Agoudal, Imilchil and Chefchauen

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  • mic_cas 2 févr. 2019

    Ciao Pedro.
    What period you choosed for this track? I plan to go in March and I want to carefully choose a ride to avoid big rain.
    Many thanks in advance

  • Photo de PedroFM20

    PedroFM20 2 févr. 2019

    Hi, I did it late April. Be careful in the first part if it rains it's a big nightmare

  • Mad30 18 avr. 2020

    Hi it looks great, thanks to share.

    Is it possible with a big trail like 1200 GS?
    How many days did you take for all?
    Is it mainly track or road?

  • Photo de PedroFM20

    PedroFM20 18 avr. 2020

    Possible yes, not advisible, we did it in enduro bikes and light trail bikes. It took us 9 days and mostly off road .

  • Mad30 18 avr. 2020

    ok thanks for answer

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