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près de Wolfetsmatt, Kanton Obwalden (Switzerland)

We did this hike during 2 half days, we slept at the Panorama 1 point. You got a cool view and the place to camp is ok.
We had to go through Heidi because of the snow on the other side, no regrets we got really nice landscapes !
We camped there but I think there is a refuge here. The view is amazing.
Here live some local people. They are not always here but at least you can find some fresh water !
The best view you can get on this hike I think.

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  • dchr1 1 août 2018

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    Interesting trail offering some nice views on the countryside. After Heiti one has to climb up a pasture which is not clearly marked as hiking trail, not sure if that part even is an official trail. On the top, you basically walk through the garden of some strange but friendly people before continuing on a narrow but well-maintained forest path.

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