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près de Riverside Grove, California (United States)

Fast-pace stroll in big basin redwoods state park.

Very simple hike with no technical difficulty along the meteor trail (unlike what is said on everytrail, namely that the difficulty is moderate) for the first half and back via another trail parallel to it.
Detailed information can be found on the everytrail guide: http://www.everytrail.com/destination/Big-Basin-Redwoods-State-Park

There are no waterfalls nor vantage point along this trail. It is dominated by large redwood trees, some of which, so tall one cannot even see their tops.
There are clear indications at all intersections and it is impossible to get lost.
Starting at 8 AM we didn't see much people until shortly before 11AM when we were about to finish as the crowd was just getting started (some free guided tours start at 11 AM which may explain the increased traffic then)

The trail is very wide and the slope is never steep, it could probably be suitable for mountain biking or trail running except for the few fallen trees requiring a bit of scrambling.

Overall this hike is very easy and accessible to families even with small children.


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