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près de Braïnsa, Nabatîyé (Lebanon)

The hike started from west Zawtar village with a morning breakfast at Zatar Zawtar; an organic farm that specializes in growing wild thyme and other organic produce. at the beginning of the hike we had a tour of the farm and the processing plant to see how the thyme is prepared from planting, drying, grilled, mixed with sumac and sesame until it is ready to eat.
The hike then went from W. Zawtar via the Hamra Farm (800,000 square meters of organic olive trees) Arnoun (a.k.a. Yohmor Shkeef) village; from Arnoun we proceeded to historical citadel of "Beaufort Castle", where we had a tour and a brief lecture on its history. Lunch break was at the castle. The group then proceeded downhill in a 4.5 km trail to the Khardali River ( a section of the Litani river) where the hike did come to a close.
A wonderful overcast weather with temperature in the mid twenties.
This was an easy hike and I recommend it for families.


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