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Publié 1 juillet 2019

Recorded juin 2019

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1 397 m
13,57 km

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près de Cedars, Liban-Nord (Lebanon)

This trail started from an area in Bsharri called “Al ARZ” (The Cedars); it earned this name due to a small ancient cedar forest (one of the oldest in Lebanon) that still exist in the area. The trail followed mainly a dirt road used by farmers then, towards the end, it turned into a cow path. The scenery of northern sleepy towns with houses covered in red roof tiles, along the canyon sides that make the Qadisha valley, is majestic.
The weather was great with temperature between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius and clear blue sky with scattered white clean clouds.
The trail is, according to me, easy to moderate and mainly flat with downhill descent towards the last 1000+ meters.

Unique House


Cow Path Bridge

This bridge was probably set up by shepherds to allow their flock to cross over

Man Made Pond

dwellers of this area build these ponds to collect rainwater to water their plants during the summer months. The reflection of the surrounding vegetation gives each pond a different shade of green.

Lake House Camping Ground

This venue provide tents for you to camp on their grounds for a fee. it sits next to another man made pond.

Cherry Orchard

Farmers of this region are generous and always invite us hikers to taste their cherries fresh of the trees. This year the crop was not as good as previous years but the taste is still as good.

Beehives Farm

Lebanese honey is very expensive compared to European and other regions because the farmers move the bee hives from one place to another depending on the weather. During Spring and Summer months, the farmers move the beehives to higher cooler areas and to take advantage of the wild flowers for the bees to feed on.

Bhees(B7ees) Spring, Bazoun

it is a drinking water spring used by hikers to cool off and replenish their water supplies.

Beer Stop

This place is a small Kiosk that only sells a cold one for hikers at the end of the trail. You need to call ahead of time, during the week, and place your order. It also serves as a rest area for hikers who want to eat their power food.

Bazoun Village


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