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près de Pine Wood, California (United States)

This part of B Section is often dry as a bone. It's only about 4.5 miles as the crow flies from Fuller Ridge Trailhead to Snow Creek, but it's over 15 miles on the trail and about a 6,000' descent. It can be as much as 40 degrees hotter at Snow Creek than at Fuller Ridge - so the more relatively reliable water you can find between the two means less weight on the descent.

Anyway, the water is in a creek very near the ruins of Camp Lackey. Routefinding is a cinch, the hike is easy, and adds very little to your overall mileage.

When you reach the Fuller Ridge Trailhead, take the dirt forest road to the right. When you reach the intersection a few yards down hill, turn right and follow the wide Forest Service Road. At the first fork in the road (See waypoint), keep right. You will need to bypass a metal vehicle barrier to continue down the road. Keep left at the second fork (see waypoint) you come to and keep heading downhill. In about 30 - 50 yards it'll be obvious you're entering a burned-out section of forest on the right. Camp Lackey once stood here. There are burned out ruins you can explore. Continue down the hill until you pass an old shack on the left an come to the large clearing in the right. From the clearing you can see what's left of the pool to the Southeast.

Just past the pool is a very faint trail (looks like a game trail) heading down into a small creek. You may even be able to hear the water from here. Head down the trail. It will fade out and become unfollowable, but at that point you can see and hear the water. It's a little steep and overgrown at the water, but the water is fast, cool, and clean. It was running well over 1 liter/10 seconds on 9/30/2012. It was over 105 degrees and the other water sources between Fuller Ridge and Snow Creek were dry. It was a good find.

To pick the trail back up you have 2 options. 1 - back track all the way back up to Fuller Ridge and take the trail. 2 - Head back past the pool, into the clearing and continue down hill on the road you were on. You'll pass another metal vehicle barrier and then come to a 3rd fork. Keep right and head down hill.

Look at the map and find the waypoint addressing where to leave the road to cross a ravine to pick the trail back up. This is essentially the NARROW GAP water source on 4jeffrey.net. The Narrow Gap source is just yards away but I found it dry as a bone on the same day the Camp Lackey creek was roaring. Go fig.


Take Road

Take the road out of the parking lot instead of the trail

Head East

Turn right when the parking lot road meets Forest Route 4S01 and go east.

First Fork - Keep Right


Metal Vehicle Barrier

You can easily navigate around this barrier on foot. The slope is sandy, though. Keep your footing.

2nd Fork - Keep Left

This fork may not be as apparent. The road to Camp Lackey goes down hill. There's a fainter trail splitting off to the right and going back the way you came.
Site archéologique


This is really the only building still standing.

Large Clearing

Large, open, sandy clearing. From it, you should be able to look down into the camp and see the old pool.
Site archéologique


Must have been nice when it was in operating condition.

Water In Creek

Just past the pool there is a very faint game trail heading down hill to a creek. I was able to actually hear the water it was rushing so fast.

Leave the Road, Cross Ravine, Pick Up PCT


Road Barrier #2

On your way out of Camp Lackey, if you continue down hill, you'll pass another metal vehicle barrier.

Fork #3 - Keep Right

Keep right and go down hill.

Reconnect with PCT - Descends To Snow Creek

Pick the PCT back up just before the Narrow Gap granite rocks.


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