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Publié 12 juillet 2010

Recorded juillet 2010

851 m
572 m
10,73 km

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près de Fatunaba (East Timor)

A relative easy walk 20 min drive out of Dili. You'll have different views over Dili and the ocean as well as the Comoro river valley. For the majority of the hike, you'll be following little trails and from time to time you'll see the remains of a dirt road. We recommend to take a brake at the way point we've labeled "Bridge". It should be half way of the hike and a snack will give you a bit of energy you may need as after this point, it will be up hill for a bit.


In the middle of the "jungle" there is suddenly a bridge wide enough for a car or truck to drive over. But the connecting roads have either totally collapsed or were never build. Either way: It's a good point to stop and enjoy the river. This will be a cool spot even on the hottest of the year.


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