14,7 km

Dénivelé positif

78 m

Difficulté technique


Dénivelé négatif

78 m

Altitude maxi

36 m



Altitude mini

8 m

Type d'itinéraire

En boucle
  • Photo de Around Kpatia
  • Photo de Around Kpatia
  • Photo de Around Kpatia
  • Photo de Around Kpatia
  • Photo de Around Kpatia
  • Photo de Around Kpatia


4 heures 31 minutes




7 mars 2015


mars 2015

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36 m
8 m
14,7 km

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près de Beang, Bomi (Liberia)

A nice walk through a very sparsely populated area. It takes about 1 hour to get to the starting point by car from downtown Monrovia (depending on traffic). The starting point is in a village and one of the villagers will be most willing to look after your car (for some small-small...)

Most of the track is over narrow foot tracks with plenty of shade. When you are at least 2.5 km away from the beach, you can already hear the surf.

When you get close to the village "Coffee Farm" you will get to a bigger track which you will follow for a while until you go back on the narrow tracks towards the beach.

We found the beach very nice and clean, but unfortunately, the waves seem quite strong, so we didn't attempt swimming.

You follow the beach for about 1.5 km until you come to a village. You will most likely see a lot of small fishing boats at the shore and you may also be greeted by an officer of the Bureau of Immigration as it seems to be place frequently visited by foreign boats.

Just outside the village, you will need to cross a large puddle (see WP) and there is no bypass or other option to cross it without getting your feet wet. It's therefore recommended to bring some flip flops to cross the river and not to go through it bare feet.

After the puddle, you will continue on wider tracks for a while until you get to the next village where there will be back on a narrow track.

Near the second WP, you will get a swampy area and depending on the season, this may be wet, dry or muddy. Even in the dry season, we found this part of the track very muddy. If you walk through the middle of track, you will get your feet wet/muddy until the middle of your shin, but if you try to walk along the edges, you can probably keep your feet dry, but only your shoes muddy.

Right after the muddy part, you will cross a stream over a log bridge and enter the small town of Kpatia. According to one of the inhabitants (Mr. Funny), Kpatia is one of the oldest towns in the area.

From Kpatia, there is a simple narrow track that will bring you to the road and after passing the last village, it's 1 more kilometer back to the starting point of the hike.

Muddy Track

You will run into a muddy track around this point, depending on season


You'll need to cross a puddle here


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