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près de Arrochar, Scotland (United Kingdom)

There is pay and display parking in Arrochar, current charge is £1 per day. There is another car park, closer to the Rest and be Thankful area, which is free and is more convenient if you are planning to do this walk as I did.
My initial intention was to go up to Beinn Luibhean and come down the same way, but if was very foggy and windy, so when I got there I decided to take the shorter way down from the hill and onto the road.
When I left the clear path that leads to Bein Ime, I was unable to find any other path until I got down the hill; considering the visibility, I managed to navigate quite good and I didn't find any difficult areas, but in a clear day you may see a path somewhere.
It is boggy, but as it is not a busy place, the bog still holds quite good.
On the way down there was a very faint path at times, and it only becomes clear when you are reaching the lower level. You will need to jump over a closed gate before reaching the road.
After a short section of road, with heavy traffic at times, I took the forest track that leads back to Arrochar. I took a couple of wrong turns, so be careful when following the track.


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