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Publié 3 octobre 2018

Recorded avril 2018

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près de Rowardennan, Scotland (United Kingdom)

Participants: Rob, Marta and Marti

Arribem de matinada a Glasgow i conduim fins al hostel que hi ha al peu del Ben Lomond, arribem a mitgdia. L'objectiu es fer una ruta els dies següents, però ja que estem aquí decidim aprofitar la tarda.

L'excursió es un camí ben marcat tant de pujada com de baixada, no te perdua. Però no us deixeu enganyar per el possible bon temps o els turistes poc equipats, porteu sempre una jaqueta impermeable. Tart o d'hora plourà i farà vent.

Des del cim tenim un bon panorama de del llac i de les muntanyes dels voltants.

Dades del hostel on vem dormir:
Rowardennan Lodge Youth Hostel
+44 1360 870259


We arrive early at Glasgow and drive to the hostel that is at the foot of Ben Lomond, we were there around midday. The goal is to make a multiday route the following days, but since we are here we decide to use the afternoon and walk a little bit.
The hike is a well-marked path for both ascent and descent, impossible to miss. But do not let yourself be fooled by the potential good weather or the tourists in shorts, always bring a waterproof jacket. It will rain for sure at some point during the day and it will get windy.
From the summit we have a good view of the lake and the surrounding mountains.
Data of the hostel where we slept:
Rowardennan Lodge Youth Hostel
+44 1360 870259

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Ben Lomond


Car Park

CA: Si no anem al Hostel, és millor aparcar aquí. EN: If we don't go to the Hostel, it is better to park here
Cabane de montagne


Rowardennan Lodge Youth Hostel www.hostellingscotland.org.uk +44 1360 870259

3 commentaires

  • Photo de valdano

    valdano 30 juil. 2019

    J'ai suivi cet itinéraire  vérifié  View more

    I followed your track, but only to the top. Once I got there the Fog was so thick I could not see the track on the other side to get down. So I chose to go back the same way I got up.

  • Photo de josepmora

    josepmora 2 août 2019

    J'ai suivi cet itinéraire  vérifié  View more

    Muchas gracias por compartir su ruta.
    Nos fue muy útil seguir el track.

  • Photo de Outdoor Quest

    Outdoor Quest 21 août 2019

    Thanks for the feedback, we are happy to know it was helpful! :)

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