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près de Rockland, West Virginia (United States)

This hike was one of the hardest for me to rate due to the high variance of the trail. The view of Big Schloss coming in from the north was pretty majestic and really represents the name well. From the outcrop, there were plenty of nice open vistas of mountain ridges typical of Virginia. At the end of our hike, we found some campsites that had everything you’d want. However outside of these two highlights, the trail were some of the most monotonous trails consisting of a green tunnel. We saw plenty of new backpackers during this stretch and I feel so bad that this was their first experience because the lack of payoffs for the work. My suggestion based on this high variance is to day hike to Big Schloss via the Big Schloss Cutoff Trail, then pick up your backpacking gear and hike a mile or so in on the Little Stony Creek to camp at those great campsites.

For our full hike report, see: https://travel2walk.com/2020/06/10/virginia-hikes-big-schloss-mill-mountain-stony-creek-loop-may-30-2020/

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