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Publié 2 mai 2016

Recorded avril 2016

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près de Cambuio, Cordillera (Philippines)

I accidentally erased the recording of the first part of Batad to Barlig traverse. Anyway, the trail from Batad to the village of Cambulo is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. In Cambulo you can have a lunch and take a refreshing bath in the river. Locals will surely suggest you take a guide for a Pula/Barlig trek but it´s not really necessary. After crossing a suspense bridge you need to turn slightly to the left (the other trail is also Barlig bound but you would have to climb the mighty Mt. Amuyao first) and enter the warren of rice paddies. It´s not that easy to follow the trail, but you can always ask the locals. They´ve been very helpful to us and even showed us a shortcut that saved us a lot of unnecessary descending and ascending. In general it´s pretty easy as you just need to keep walking the upper fringe of the rice terraces keeping on the northern/northeastern slope above the river all the time never crossing the river again. The official route eventually crosses the river, it´s longer and involves more climbing. Finally be aware that there´s no sign indicating you´ve reached the turning point where the path to Pula diverges from the main route. Well, if you are able to see a small hamlet on the ridge to the left, it means you´ve already missed the crossroad and have to go back approximately 200 meters or so. There´s a couple of basic yet decent accommodation options in Pula. We stayed at the "Blue House" which is run by a charming old lady called Carmen (just find your way to the schoolyard and you cannot miss it).

The photos unattached to a particular waypoint have been taken in Pula and in it´s close vicinity.

Trail intersection near Cambulo

To the left = Pula To the right = Mt. Amuyao

Annexes to Cambulo

There´s a couple of settlements along the way where you can buy water and snacks in local sari-sari stores.

Rice terraces

The paddies are not as spectacular as the ones in Batad but on the other hand you can enjoy them without being disturbed by scores of tourists.


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