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près de Vizzavona, Corse (France)

Ruta personal. No seguir.
Hayedo Vizzenboba

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  • Photo de svenvdc

    svenvdc 4 nov. 2017

    I have followed this trail  vérifié  View more

    This route does not go all the way until the waterfall unfortunately so giving a wrong impression.

  • Photo de Carmencc

    Carmencc 4 nov. 2017

    I'm very sorry for any inconvenience. This track was intended to be a personal one. I forgot to label it as private route. Thank you for your comment

  • Photo de svenvdc

    svenvdc 5 nov. 2017

    No problem, we enjoyed it anyhow :)
    I am new to wikiloc so I am learning here at the same time.

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