Durée  6 hours 25 minutes

Coordonnées 1191

Uploaded 6 février 2017

Recorded février 2017

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3 487 m
2 483 m
13,42 km

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près de Rancho los Gómez (Rancho Nuevo), Puebla (Mexico)

Beautiful trail through fields, canyons, and forrest. Last part is steep but the view is worth it.
Campo santo

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  • Photo de bodofzt

    bodofzt 28 févr. 2017

    Hey, cool! I have literally been waiting for an opportunity to get to know this beautiful ridge. I recently visited the northern Derrumbada, but only made a small exploration up to 2650 m. Now I'll definitely follow your trail sometime soon. :)
    Do you reckon it is safe to go there alone? In terms of risk of falling or the soil collapsing under your feet or the like. Did you have reception along the way?
    I'll be glad to read your answers. Regards!

  • Photo de bodofzt

    bodofzt 31 mars 2017

    I have followed this trail  View more

    It isn't really necessary to make the big detour at the beginning of the trail. I cut through a clear path that connects directly further uphill and saved 2.4 km.
    The mountain itself is beautiful. You traverse multiple different ecosystems, most of which are as virgin as it gets. Very impressive fumaroles near the summit, too.

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