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près de Mayres, Rhône-Alpes (France)

One of the more scenic hikes in the area.

Start at the church in Mayres along the N 102.

Hike west and keep left of the river.
Follow a white/yellow route.
At a gate, turn right on the asphalt, signed Le Roux
Over the second bridge, after about 200 meters, look for a sign Le Roux, it's about 50 meters to the left on a asphalt road.
Take the path marked Le Roux uphill, to the east.
Cross the N 102 and follow a sign Chaumiene, just accross the road.
The path goes uphill and gets steeper further on.
At the top, after a long climb, turn right at the sign Mayres.
Now be careful, after about 400 yards turn right on an unmarked road.
If you loose the markings, head for the tower with the two dishes, on top of the hill.
At the tower look for the yellow markers.
Take the trail that leads to a cross.
Now the steep decent starts.
The way down looks almost impossible, but is actually quite good.
Rocks and boulders, make the steep way down a lot easier.
Not too slippery on this part, just steep.
Hopefully they still know how to build the path, as sturdy as they used to.

The only slippery part is closer to the town, loose gravel makes a slippery trail.

A hiking stick is highly recommended for the way down.

Moderate with a long climb.
  • Photo de Park
Park church
  • Photo de Gate right
Gate asphalt right Le Roux
  • Photo de Bridge
Bridge Ardeche
  • Photo de Le Roux
Le Roux
  • Photo de Chaumienne
  • Photo de Mayres
  • Photo de Mayres
  • Photo de Mayres
  • Photo de Xing right
  • Photo de Xing right
Xing right
  • Photo de Tower
Tower with dish
  • Photo de Cross
  • Photo de Cross
  • Photo de Cross
  • Photo de Cross
  • Photo de Cross
  • Photo de Cross


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