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près de Rinconada, La Paz (Bolivia)

3 days of trekking along an old paved Inca road, with a pass over 4700 m and the chance to go down till the humid climate of the Yungas where the mountains are green and coffe, bananas and coca grows. A world class trekking with Inca ruins, remote villages, delicious camping spots and a very special encouter with the fascinating Japanese old men that lives here since the 50's

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  • juanquicardenas 16 avr. 2014

    It is one of the best treks, in terms of pre-colonization conservation. 30 % of the trek is on a cobble-stone laid street, which presumably was built in the pre-Inca era, in order to link the High-Plateau with that of the Yungas valleys.

    This pre-Columbian road is one example of the Tiwanaku and Inca cultures’ skill, to build paved roads that linked the mountainous high plateau with the sub tropical Yungas area. Many rivers that spring from The Andes pour its waters into the great Amazon River. In the trek, we will witness a variety of birds, pendulous bridges and exotic flowers.

    *The Japanese old men died last year.

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