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près de Grebo Harris, Montserrado (Liberia)

A nice walk outside Monrovia. It's a mixed walk with lots of forest/jungle and savannah. Along the way you will pass through a few small villages.

The hike starts on the Monrovia-Kakata highway, just after the university compound. There should be plenty of space to park next to the main road and is public enough for your car to be relatively safe.

From there, you start with a 2.5km walk along the same road which is actually more varied then you might expect. After a while you will come though a village and pass a bridge made from palm tree logs. After that, the road is no longer accessible for cars, only by foot or motorbike.

As indicated on the route, the track will make a right turn and then it will open up to the savannah. It simply follows the biggest track through savannah. Along the way you'll see many landmark set by the local owners. Not sure what the plans are, but maybe they will start building here in a few years as size of the plots seems only suitable for houses.

At about 8 km from the starting point, you will get to a larger but unpaved road, inside a village. Here you make a left turn and follow the road for about 300 meters. However, here you have the option to make the hike about 2 km shorter. Instead of making the left turn on the larger unpaved road, make a right turn instead. You will then pick up the trail again after about 100 meters.

But if you do the extra 2km loop, you will have an easy road toward the village, then pass through the village and have a nice small track through the forest back to the village you were earlier.

After the village, you will cross a large metal bridge. Be a bit careful when crossing as most of the wood is missing.

From the bridge, it's almost 1 km to the next village. In the village, you will make a right turn and walk through a young rubber tree forest. After that, the landscape gets a bit more varied as there are different kind of crops grown. Simply continue the small track and enjoy the landscape.

With still around 3 km to go, you will come to Cotton Village that has given the name to this track, but not before you pass a narrow bamboo bridge. It has plenty of hand rests, so it not too difficult to cross.

The last few kilometres of the track are through a more populated area, until you make it back to the Monrovia-Kakata highway. Follow it for 300 meters to get back to the start point.

Enjoy the hike as much as we did.


Bamboo Bridge

You'll need to pass a narrow bridge here, but it has many handlebars, so it's easy to pass. (see photo)


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