Durée  3 hours 30 minutes

Coordonnées 979

Publié 5 novembre 2017

Recorded novembre 2017

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1 707 m
1 318 m
7,9 km

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près de Haqlet el Heya, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

Ehmej hiking

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  • Photo de robin richa

    robin richa 2 mai 2019

    I have followed this trail  vérifié  View more

    Thank you Roy, it was an excellent hike and very clear trail. But instead of the last part on asphalted Road, we took the left river side to continue the loop.

  • Photo de roy_antoun

    roy_antoun 2 mai 2019

    Thank you Robin concerning the last part it was raining so we took the asphalted road to reach our cars as soon as possible.

  • Photo de robin richa

    robin richa 2 mai 2019


  • Photo de lynnozka

    lynnozka 20 juin 2019

    Did you use public transportation to each the area there?

  • Photo de roy_antoun

    roy_antoun 20 juin 2019

    We took our cars and parked next to the starting point.
    if u want some help you can any time contact us on 81959958 or follow leavenotracelb on Instagram

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