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près de El Moukhâda, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

Short nice hike that takes around 2 hours (ideal for an afternoon hike in hot summer days) . From "Arez Ehmej camping", find the green markings to follow a beautiful easy path. Whenever you reach an intersection or you feel lost, look around and you will find a green sign on a rock so you can continue your hike. The road Ehmej-Laklouk will be on your left. Before reaching "Mokhada" village, you take your right on an asphalt dirt road (see waypoint). At the corner, you have the option to continue on the road or to take a shortcut up off-trail (find your way!). If you take the shortcut, you will get back on trail near an artficial irrigation lake. In 300 m, go to the right passing through apple trees fields before seeing a yellow marking. Follow the trail until you reach a sandy road. At some point (see waypoint), turn right when seeing a yellow mark again. Go downhill and turn around next to the road to reach the starting point.
Find the yellow marking on the rock


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