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Publié 27 septembre 2018

Recorded septembre 2018

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près de Randa, Canton du Valais (Switzerland)

This walk is all about getting to Europes longest pedestrian suspension bridge. It is a tough walk up and down but worth the spectacle of the bridge. I would consider doing the walk in the opposite direction to which we did it. Look at my photos for the one called Clockwise. Here go straight up rather than right.

You do need to by fairy fit to get up to the top, its an hour of steep climbing at out pace, we are fast walkers. Save your lunch for the top where you can sit and admire the bridge.

The bridge wobbles slightly but feels sturdy, nothing to be afraid about walking across. Oh, and its free! :)

There is a nice place for beer , coffee , food back down in Randa
Start of the walk. Turn right out of the train station and then left up the hill through the quaint wooden buildings
From the 15th Century I believe
One of many rest stops
Great view of the Glacier on the other side of the valley
Lovely walking through the woods
This is not 2 mins to the bridge, its 10 mins!
Finally arrived, this is the approach going anti clockwise, if you follow my advise you'll do it clockwise and arrive at the bridge from the other side
A view from under
View across to the other side of the valley
Still a way to go
These old huts are so photogenic
Not quite on the same scale of excitement !!
This is the point where you decide which way round to do the walk. We turned right here but I recommend going straight up as the the route back down is less rocky and following this route up you can use the rocks as steps. So don't go right here!! :)
This was a very welcome stop on the way back, Good prices, good quality and friendly. Also there were no other opportunities for beer / coffee on this walk.


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