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près de Ovifat, Wallonia (Belgique)

The trail visits some of the prime hiking areas in Eastern Belgium. Unless you enjoy the crowds, try not to go on a weekend in summer. Having said this, we were entirely alone on the first (along the Ghaster stream) and the last (from Reinhardstein to Ovivat on forest trails) part of the hike.

Ovivat is a quiet village, with ample parking along the roadside, near the church. Ovivat people seem to enjoy partying, as almost every time we passed they were either setting up or breaking down some shelter for village festivities near the church - or were busy celebrating.

The trail leaves the center of the village in northern direction, past new constructions or renovations, showcasing some of the fine modern East-Belgium architecture. Once you leave the village, an exercise parcour invites you to some gymnastics.

At waypoint 4, turn sharp left onto a minor footpath, and follow the Ghaster downstream. This part is wild and little used.

At waypoint 8 you join the main trail along the Bayehon river. Most visitors follow it upstream to see the Bayehon falls (see wikiloc #20058565), though we continue downstream.

At waypoint 9 is an alternative parking area, which can be quite busy. Shortly after is the Moulin du Bayehon, offering refreshments.

At waypoint 12 is a major intersection, where those with little time can take a shortcut to the castle Reinhardstein. We extend our trip on turn right, to reach Reinhardstein via the crest on the opposite side of the Warche stream.

Waypoint 13 markes the point with the lowest elevation. From the start to here it all was downhill; now the strenuous part begins. The gradient of the trail remains modest, and is much less demanding than it looks.

Waypoint 16 used to be a viewpoint, but vegetation has grown thick. The point is therefore marked 'no view', but is a reminder that, following our trail, you should be soon after on the lookout for the first glimpse of Reinhardstein (something you miss if you take the shortcut at waypoint 12).

Before you reach Reinhardstein, you still have to cross the Warche.

The castle Reinhardstein is privately owned, but offers guided tours on weekends and some holidays. The castle (a ruin until recently) has been beautifully restored. There is a little beergarden on the grounds. The shortest way back to the car wold be had by following the road. Our trail, however, follows little used forest trails, and avoids much of the traffic, while only being marginally longer than the road.

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    Beautiful landscapes and architecture.

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