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près de Bärg, Triesenberg (Liechtenstein)

Why worthwhile? Adventurous climb and great view to the valley a 1000m. below.

Starting point: Berggasthaus Gaflei 1483m., Triesenberg, Triesen (Liechtenstein) (Parkingspace at the hotel). [Liechtenstein - Vaduz - Triesenberg].

Time: 3 hours

Difficulty Rating: 3

Details: Spectacular route along the almost sheer rock-faces. Secured with steel wire ropes and a few steel steps where needed.

Route description:

In the centre of Vaduz, go to the left, upwards towards Triesenberg and Malbun. At Triesenberg we follow the road signs towards Gaflei. Past hotel Matu we arrive at Berggasthaus Gaflei. You can park at the hotel (also a bus stop).

A sign points towards Fürstensteig. A gravel road goes upwards towards a junction. Here we go to the left. First we stay in the woods for a short while, then the path goes along the rock-faces: this is Fürstensteig! Most of the time, you don't have a clue how to get along those sheer rocks, it's really amazing!

The route leads to a turnstile and a bit further to a sign 'Gafleisattel'. Here straight on towards Kamin Bargella (signpost). Over this new, broad path we climb 100 metres in height to Kamin, a sort of passage through the rocks. Now we descend towards the signpost Gaflei - Mesescha and over alps we get back to Berggasthaus Gaflei.

Done in 1996.


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