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Publié 11 août 2015

Recorded août 2015

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près de Garrni, Kotaykʼ (አርሜኒያ)

A steep and slippery path descends from the temple into the gorge. The walk inside the gorge is easy and nice (except for the August heat).

We picked some blackberries and drank coffee at a farmer's house while listening to many stories about the area. His grandfather or great-grandfather was among the first settlers of Garni, and he offered that next time we bring a group of several people and he can give us many guided tours among ruins and monasteries.

After the farm we saw the most impressive parts of the "basaltic organ". It's truly huge and beautiful.

After the medieval bridge, the farmer told us there's nothing more to see inside the gorge, so we opted for the way out. More blackberries on the way. We hit the main road right next to a grocery shop.

First view on the organ


A small basaltic organ


Basaltic organ


Basaltic organ

Basaltic organ

Medieval bridge

Medieval bridge


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