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près de Langeraar, Zuid-Holland (Nederland)

A surprisingly pleasant and relaxing walk with a rural character, along the waters of the Langeraar lakes, north and south, basically a quiet and relatively unknown oasis in the densely populated province of South Holland.

This route can also be done by cyclists, except for the first part along Smidskade. Strictly speaking, bicycles are not forbidden, but with around 10 small gates to manoeuvre through, on your way to the second bridge (Paradijsbrug), most cyclists will be discouraged from taking this path. There is however a parallel track on the other side of the water to manage getting to the Paradijsbrug.

Arriving at Langeraar, coming from the south, it's easy to park your car near the first bridge (Grote Brug) as there is a car park next to the water (Leidse Vaart).

The Adrianus church permanently dominates the landscape and due to the church community in the past we can now cross the lake via a magnificent path (Kerkpad), only accessible for cyclists and hikers.

For most of the route the water is always nearby.

And as a bonus, you can easily turn this walk into an all day activity by bringing your swimming gear and making use of the facilities near the "zwemsteiger" (waypoint) on the (northern) Langeraar lake, the most northerly part of the walk. There is ample parking space as well, so you can also decide to start / finish your walk just there.
There are picknick tables and changing rooms, as well as trees to provide some shade on hot summer days.

Last but not least, the many residential areas that you pass through are wonderful with lots of attention to detail when it comes to the gardens. Moreover, you'll come across some small (unmanned) stalls to buy fruit, vegetables, flowers, pumpkins etc.


Kerkpad Langeraar bench

Extensive views on the southerly part of the Langeraar lake from a bench.
Architecture sacrée

Adrianus church, Langeraar

This church dominates the surrounding landscape and was the destination of the Kerkpad church goers in the past (and present ?).

Zwemsteiger Langeraarseplas

Bathing facilities on the northerly Langeraar lake.

Kerkpad Langeraar picknick table and bridge

Here you can find a picknick table, next to the bridge that allows boats to pass from the northerly part to the southerly part of the lake.

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    Heel veel weg en fietspaden en auto's. Erg mooi lopen is het niet. Af en toe een mooi stukje water. Verder heel veel in combinatie met veel verkeer en door niet meest mooie woonwijken etc

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