3 248 m
2 635 m
15,2 km

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près de Daju, Yunnan (China)

This is a day hike that takes you through the village of Haba towards the start of the trail that would eventually take you to the summit of Haba Xueshan.

It starts from Haba Snow Mountain Inn (Tel: 0887-8866596 or 13368873488, English spoken), and takes the village road up the side of the mountain. It's a very easy climb, which we did at a slow pace taking pictures and having frequent rest stops. Once you get past the end of the village road, there are many different routes to take into the mountains, where you will see shepherds and the occasional farm.

We decided to stop after a few hours, but it is entirely possible to keep going on the mountain trails for as long as you like.


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