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près de Fern Valley, California (United States)

Humber Park near Idyllwild up the hill to Saddle Junction. Hook up with the PCT SoBo and take it to Tahquitz Peak. Both the Peak and the Lookout Tower provide some pretty killer views. The Lookout Tower is fun to explore around and it's a trip to see all the safter plates in place for lightning strikes.

A great way to escape the heat in the Desert below. The trail can get pretty crowded, and there have been some car break-ins in the Humber Park lot - fortunately, that's never happened to me. Going back down to Idyllwild afterwards is great because there's a great burger joint with excellent cheeseburgers and cold draft stouts and porters.

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    I hope you keep posting trails around SoCal because that's where I am. This trail was good, but crowded. So crowded. I felt like I wasn't even in the mountains but walking thru the Harborfront in SD. But you gave good directions. Thanks for the warning about the break ins in the parking lot. And you were right about the ranger tower thing. It was cool.

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