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près de Isinliví, Cotopaxi (Ecuador)

Day 2 of a 4 day hike known as the Quilotoa Loop. The hike starts at Llu Llu Llamas Hostel and descends into a valley before the climb to Chugchilan. There are several hostels there to chose from (we stayed at and enjoyed Mama Hildas). This hike is a little longer than day 1, with more elevation and ends at a higher altitude. Take your time and stay hydrated.

The hike is very scenic, after paralleling and then crossing a river the trail passes through a couple of small communities (one village at the base of the steep climb and a smaller one at the top). There is a chance to buy some food and water from the people living along the trail, many of them will have signs posted.

Generally the trail was in good shape but there are some steep portions as well as some muddy areas that would get worse with bad weather.

Here is the summary for the four day hike: Quilotoa Loop.
Just before the bridge turn right
Cross over the river using the log bridge
Nice views of the valley below.
Cross the bridge.
Intersection to Chugchilan turn right
Turn left onto the main road and follow it into town.

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  • Zak Hirsch 22 juin 2018

    Downloaded the route to maps.me. Generally the way is quite well marked, except on the first turn right before the bridge - the app came in really handy.

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