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près de Aïn el Bâtié, Liban-Nord (Lebanon)

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Pour atteindre le point de départ, conduisez jusqu'à Chekka, puis bifurquez vers Amioun, Qnat, Hadath-l-jebbé où un panneau routier très visible indique la bifurcation à droite vers Tannourine. Ou alors, roulez jusqu'à Jbeil, puis Ehmej, Laqlouq, Tannourine-el-Faw'a où il faut prendre la route de hadath-l-jebbé.
La randonnée n'est pas une boucle, mais presque. Vous devez donc organiser des navettes de voitures, ce qui est facile et rapide (10 min) puisque les points de départ et d'arrivée ne sont distants que de 4 Kms.
La rando est longue, raide (spécialement la première partie où il faut grimper Jabal-r-rahwé) et fatigante... mais elle est très gratifiante grâce aux vues splendides qu'elle offre:
* Dans la montée: vue sur Jurd Tannourine, en particulier la réserve des Cèdres de Tannourine.
* Le point le plus élevé est une église (la plus haute du Liban?) appelée "Eglise du Seigneur" (ar: Kniisit-r-Rabb)aux tableaux naïfs, mais d'où la vue sur le cirque de Bcharré est fabuleuse (ar:jebbit bcharré). Le panorama en cet endroit vaut à lui seul l'effort consenti pour y arriver :-)
* La descente vers le point d'arrivée (la Réserve de Cèdres de Tannourine) suit une route carrossable longue et sinueuse, offrant de beaux points de vues sur Jurd Tannourine.
Cette randonnée, vraiment inoubliable, nous a pris 7h30, à un rythme moyen.

To reach the starting point, drive to Chekka, then take the road to Amioun, Qnat, Hadath-al Jebbé where you have to turn right towards Tannourine. You cannot miss this turn, it is very clearly indicated.
Or Alternatively, drive to Jbeil, Ehmej, Laqlouq, Tannourine al-Faw'a, then take the road to Hadath al Jebbé.

The hike is not a loop, so you have to organize car shuttles, but this is easy because the starting point and end point are only 4Kms apart, so the shuttle takes 10 minutes.

The hike is long, steep (especially the first part where you have to climb up to Jabal ar Rahwé) and tiring ... but it is very rewarding because of the outstanding views:
* In the ascending part: on Jurd Tannourine, especially the area of the Tannourine Cedar Reserve, ma7miyyit Arz Tannourine.
* The highest point is a small Church (maybe the highest one in Lebanon) called the Church of the Lord (ar:Kniisit ar Rabb). It offers a fabulous standpoint upon the corrie (fr:cirque, ar:jebbé) of Bcharré. This place alone is worth the effort of getting there :-)
* The descent towards the endpoint (the Tannourine Cedar Reserve) is on a dusty winding dirt-road offering also nice looks over jurd Tannourine.
It took us 7h30 to walk, at a normal pace.
A truely unforgettable hike !
Saydit al Dahr
JT8 rahwé - 2278m
début route vers sommet Jabal r Rahwé

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  • Photo de Jeanstephan

    Jeanstephan 1 juil. 2011

    thanks a lot, keep on sharing...hoping to hike together one of these days...Jean Stephan 03-228398

  • Photo de Marc Torbey

    Marc Torbey 6 juil. 2011

    Thank you Jean ! I hope you tried it and enjoyed it.

    I will contact you next time there is a nice hike. Take care.

  • Photo de Fouadjt

    Fouadjt 16 janv. 2012

    Great info on the trail Marc, just wanted to ask about camping along that trail, and what the laws and regulations are in that area. It would be great if u can get back to me with some information about it, thank you.

  • Photo de Marc Torbey

    Marc Torbey 16 janv. 2012

    Hi Fouad!
    You could easily camp on the plateau between the 2 waypoints called "Rahwé peak" and "Kniisit ar rabb". There is plenty of space ... although very windy at this time of the year :-)
    I am not sure about the legal aspect of camping. If you want you could contact Tannourine Municipality (baladiyé) at +961 6 500 020. You can also visit their website at http://www.tannourinevillage.com/

  • Photo de Fouadjt

    Fouadjt 16 janv. 2012

    Thanks you for everything Marc, this was extremely helpful! And about the camping its not gonna be anytime soon, were most probably planning the trip during April when the weather is much better since we have some new people joining us that aren't used to cold temperatures.

  • Photo de samibado

    samibado 4 août 2012

    hi, the club des vieux sentiers make this hike from years, we do it the opposite way with slight difference, and we pass not by the church 2350m , but also by the highest water source in Lebanon (nabaa er rahwe 2160m)
    we even have two geocaches hidden on this trail go to www.geocaching.com register, search for (rahwe challange geocache) and finally i wish you a great hike and good hunt.
    N.B.:water source; when you walk the rahwe plain from south to north, at the very end of the plain, before the road start going uphill, make a left for about 400m, you will reach the water source

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