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près de Aït Lahsene, Souss-Massa-Drâa (Morocco)

the Jebel Saghro: a seven day walk between the High and Anti Atlas in the South of Morocco

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    wypieprz 6 mai 2014

    1) Was the trip organized by a company a or did you do it on your own?
    2) Are there any villages on the route so that you can replenish supplies (water, basic food) ?

    btw. impressive walk

  • Photo de jgysenbergs

    jgysenbergs 7 mai 2014

    @1 Yes, this was an organized trip by a Belgian tour operator (AndersReizen). More details are over here:
    http://gysenbergs.be/tag/jebel-saghro/ (in Dutch] and here:

    @2 Biggest problem is water. Local people know where to find it. There is the Assaka village but at the time there was no shop. There is a shop in Irgazhoum where I saw some sacs (corn?) and Coke bottles (!).

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    wypieprz 7 mai 2014

    @2 "Local people know where to find it" Could you please elaborate more on this? Is there any stream / brook so that I could treat the water? Was the shop at Assaka closed permanently?

    3) How many hours did you walk a day (more or less) ? I am trying to estimate a time required to walk the entire route.
    4) Is there any public transport nearby the area, i.e. CTM buses?

    btw. really appreciate your answers, thanks a lot !

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    jgysenbergs 7 mai 2014

    About water: difficult to say because we were told water locations changed all the time. We always spent the night at a place where there was some water, sometimes plenty, sometimes barely enough. The small orange flags on the Google map indicate these places. To clean water, we used Micropur tablets, laced with half a vitamin C tablet for better taste.

    At the time, there was no shop at all in Assaka, but people there were very friendly and I think they will sell some food if they have any to spare.

    We walked about 15 kms each day for 7 days for a total of about 100 kms. If you download the route and import it in some route program you will find the exact distance.

    Don't know about public transport, we took taxis from the Kasbah Itran: http://www.kasbahitran.com/

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