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Publié 24 août 2019

Recorded août 2019

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près de Bermejo, Santa Cruz (Bolivia)

A hike that takes you from Laguna Volcán down to the shores of the Colorado River. Take a shared taxi to Samaipata and get off at "Cuevas" at the dirt road that goes up to the Laguna Volcán Resort. Walk up to Laguna Volcán and stay to the right (east) of the lake. Follow the path along the shore of the lake. You may lose the path in the grass, but beyond a lake you will find a path entering the forest. You are now on the circuit of Laguna Volcán trails. In order to get down to the river, you have to veer off onto a different path and walk along barbed-wire fence. You can this point on the map because we took the wrong path for a bit. The right path will take you down to a dirt road which will take you back to the main highway, but we opted to go down to the river and follow the river back to the main highway. It was a beautiful choice, though I don't know if this option is available during the rainy season. We had to cross the river back and forth several times as the best path wasn't completely straightforward. The map shows you the crossing points. On the main highway, it's not difficult to find a bus on it's way to Santa Cruz.

Laguna Volcán

The resort at the top of the dirt road. Supposedly you have to pay 30bs to access their paths, but nobody stopped us as we strolled by and continued the hike.


Nice views of a long meander as we drop into the river bed

Wet Feet

Walking barefoot along the shores of a shallow river is a rare treat

Colorado River

A rare treat indeed


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