Durée  5 hours 56 minutes

Coordonnées 1421

Uploaded 27 septembre 2015

Recorded septembre 2015

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2 129 m
1 812 m
14,96 km

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près de Najmet es Sobh, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

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Il y avait un sentier ... nous n'avons pas suivi!.
Passé par beaucoup de sommets, la piste est un peu plus dangereuse que d'habitude
(Je donne toutes mes traces pour répandre l'amour de mon pays Liban
si vous trouvez des ordures sur le chemin, ramassez-les, aidez-nous à rester propres :)
Little round lakes
View from the Mountain
Rock Formation
Like an Oasis
Alone between the Mountains
Jroud Laqlouq
On our way to the Summit
Ufo rock
Hard Terrain
Unique white stripes
To the summit
Apple field

5 commentaires

  • Photo de ziad abboud

    ziad abboud 27 sept. 2015

    Passed by a lot of summits, the track is a bit more dangerous than usual

  • Photo de Ali Amacha

    Ali Amacha 19 avr. 2016

    I have followed this trail  vérifié  View more

    This is a cool track, most of the time you will find a path to walk on, the scenery is amazing, there you will find a lot of surprises, we passed by a small waterfall, and stunning views from the many summits.
    2 dangerous things to consider on this track:
    1- you will pass by a shooting field, unmarked (we were lucky no one was trying his rifle) when you start to see signs of shooting pay extra attention and try to find shooters first and show them clearly you'r there.
    2- at some point you will find yourself on a cliff, Thats dangerous, rocks are unstable, and knife sharp.
    we also passed by a spring water collector for animals to drink (Not sure what to call it) it was full of algae which is preventing access to water, we cleaned it, if it happens the same, please clean it.
    Enjoy the nature!
    (Thank you Ziad Abboud for posting this)

  • Photo de ziad abboud

    ziad abboud 19 avr. 2016

    Thank you Ali. I'm glad I can be of help :)

  • Photo de Kevin Boutros

    Kevin Boutros 10 mai 2019

    Wrong trail

  • Photo de ziad abboud

    ziad abboud 10 mai 2019

    Hey Kevin, this track doesn't follow a walking path all the way, beware my tracks usual don't

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